My plans with the blog are to post case studies of interesting stories I have researched in the course of my work.

Everyone I write about has given me permission to share their family's history. I will not include any information about living people.

Lily Lansdown - Part Two

This blog follows on from my earlier entry about Lily Lansdowne/Vesta. Let's move on to Sydney Lansdown, Pauline's father. It took a while to have any success with him.

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Lily Lansdown - Part One

Have you read my earlier blog about William Ratcliffe? He had to give his son up because he was in domestic service. Well the lady who took in his son also took in another child. This blog is her story.

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Hunting the English - Part One

I took over the research of the English family tree from my 'uncle-in-law'. He had already taken the tree quite far back and done it the old fashioned way, researching back to 1787.

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Earwaker - Finding Living Relatives

I am researching my husband's family tree and in the course of my research I came across a name which I'd never seen before: Eawaker. We are related through the female line.

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Payne - Genealogy Detective Work

This blog is about research into my 3x great grandmother Sarah Hannah Payne. My uncle has done most of the work on my family tree and I have picked up some threads here and there.

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Ratcliffe - Discovering a lost ancestor's story

I was asked to research the biological father of a man who was adopted. The son had died about 10 years ago and it was his daughter who wanted to find out more about him.

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