After researching her own family tree as a hobby for 10 years, Kirsten decided to make a business out of what she loves doing.

There is so much about this work that I am passionate about. I love the research and the attention to detail. I get a thrill from finding out new information, verifying it and then using it to find out even more. My hope is to help people enjoy discovering their heritage, whether they are doing it themselves, or want a completed package.

As an AGRA Member, Kirsten has helped research the genealogy of clients from all over the world with UK ancestry.

Kirsten has achieved the Pharos Tutors Family History Skills and Strategies Certificate at both Intermediate and Advanced Levels. She lives in Christchurch, Dorset with her husband and daughter, and is surrounded by trees!

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I hired Kirsten English Genealogy to research a branch of my family I was having difficulty with, around the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. She carried out a thorough investigation and provided a comprehensive report with which I was very pleased. I highly recommend her.

Mike, Dorset

My family tree was a gift, and I absolutely love it and look at it quite frequently. Kirsten set it out really clearly and it’s very easy to follow, not to mention interesting to see how my family has grown and changed over the generations. It’s lovely to feel connected to family through this document.

Alison, Herefordshire

I had been getting myself into a real quandary in trying to understand my mother’s family tree, because of her Canadian attachment. Had it not been for Kirsten’s enthusiasm then I may well have given up but I now have a clear idea of my mother’s history thanks to Kirsten English Genealogy.

Brian, Kent

I was conducting a genealogy search for my partner's biological father. As we are based in Perth, Australia I approached Kirsten to do some initial research work for me and she solved a genealogy riddle that had been ongoing for many years. She was efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Beverley, Australia